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Relax Your Face
Benefits of the Military Sleep

Generally, we all know how to sleep, we were born with it. But for some people, when their life gets little ups and downs, and even significant changes like retirement, mental changes or losing someone can trigger insomnia. Some people with specific personalities are always worried and anxious about things, which can also lead to insomnia.

The biggest enemy of sleep is anxiety, if there is something on your mind that is bothering you, it may hamper your sleep badly. Numerous techniques can help you sleep; which can be used depending upon your suitability. 

A military sleeping method is one of the sleeping techniques, and it is getting popular on social media and promises that you will fall asleep in just 2 minutes.

What is the Military Sleeping Method?

The US military established a method that helps the soldiers to sleep peacefully. This method was successful for soldiers, it is easy and efficient, and anyone can apply this and start sleeping.

Understanding that practice is the primary key to a sleeping. Many soldiers told in interviews that they consistently practised this method for six weeks and now can sleep rapidly.

Method of Military Sleep

The military sleeping method is consist of 5 steps, following are the steps:

Relax Your Face:

Start from the forehead and move towards the cheeks, mouth, and jaws, relax all the facial muscles. Never leave the muscles of the tongue and around the eyes. Just focus on a single part at once, take a deep and slow breath and let all the tension go away.

Drop Your Shoulders and Arms:

You can work downward to neck, shoulder, and arms when your face is at ease. Let the tension of the neck release that is stuck there. Let your shoulders fall and relax in bed. Start with one arm, then go downwards to relax the bicep, arm, hand and finger, and apply the same to your other arm.

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Clear Your Mind
Military Sleeping Method

Exhale and Release Your Chest:

Now, move towards the chest and release all the tension trapped in it. Take a deep breath to relax your stomach as slowly as possible. Try to inhale and exhale at a languid pace.

Relax Your Legs:

After relaxing, the chest moves towards the lower part of the body to relax one at a time. Focus on one leg relaxing, starting with thighs and moving down to knee, foot and toes. Apply this same pattern to the other leg and release the stress.

Clear Your Mind:

Now that your whole body is relaxed, start working on your mind to make it relax, you can try different things like calming images. Imagine sitting where the sky is entirely blue, the grass is bright green, and a slow breeze is passing your body. If that doesn’t work, think about another scenario or say the word “don’t think” in mind for 10 seconds it will help to push back the thoughts.

To get mastered in sleeping, practice this technique every day for six weeks; it will help you sleep within two minutes.

Does the Military Sleeping Method Work?

There is no straightforward answer to this question it can work for some people, and may not work for others. No evidence or research studies can prove that this method works. According to the military of the US, it works for 96% of individuals who try it.

If you have a hectic job and are constantly anxious and not getting enough sleep. You can use this method to check whether it works for you. It’s worth trying, and it only takes 2 minutes of your time, that’s not too much to lose if we compare it to those sleepless nights. But the critical point is to use this method constantly for at least two weeks, and then you can give any response about it.

What are the Benefits of the Military Sleep Method for You?

The essential purpose of the military sleep method is to make you fall asleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, it will cut your sleep time and make your body under rest, tired and cranky, so the next day you will be irritated and worn out.

Good sleep comes with many benefits some of them are:

  • Less sick
  • Control weight
  • Low chance of chronic diseases
  • Improve focus
  • Better performance
  • Better immunity
  • Clear mind

Sleep is an essential part of life, and sleeping peacefully is a gift, not everyone can have it. The average human needs 7- 9 hours of sleep. So, if you are not sleeping enough, do try this method.

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