Seven Rewarding Benefits of Wooden Beds with Drawers

Wooden Beds with storage drawers are two in one. They provide comfort and an area for storage. They come in different types, such as divan beds. Before going into the details, you might ask what a divan bed is. A divan is a strong base that is made in two pieces, and your mattress sits on top. The base is covered in velvety fabric, and the mattress sits neatly on top of it. They can be bought with a comfortable mattress or individually. There are other options to choose from, such as drawers, built-in storage or cushioned and upholstered fabric, which can be tailored to match a chosen headboard.

Provides Extra Bedroom Storage:

Looking to make your bedroom clutter-free and a relaxing haven? Then having additional storage is a great idea to put away all your bits and bobs; a great reason why the Divan bed is so useful. They can be designed to have drawers for storage included in the base. This is extremely useful for smaller bedrooms or flats. You can use this extra space to put your duvets neatly, valuable items, pair of boots, books and magazines and some pieces of seasonal clothing. Extra space will help you keep the space tidy and clear of clutter.

No Assembly Required:

For those not in the mood to build their bed from scratch, a divan bed could be the one for you. Nothing is more annoying than being excited about a new piece of furniture, and it comes in about 30-40 pieces and needs multiple tools to assemble.   It is delivered in parts, with minimal assembly effort, meaning you can spend more time doing stuff you love.

Flexible Aesthetic Style and Customisation:

The next benefit is the potential for customisation. Divan beds are customisable, allowing you to create the perfect bedroom for yourself. Whether you are interested in a clean look leather base or a plush velvet base, you can choose from a plethora of options, gorgeous colours such as monochrome grey, a duck egg blue or a warm terracotta. In addition, headboards also offer design and colour flexibility. You can go for a standard headboard, a buttoned or a lined headboard. Available in various sizes, you can make your dream into reality with a divan bed of your choice.  

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A Space Saver:

Divan beds offer great benefits for those who have a smaller room. They are designed to fit your mattress firmly rather than inside the frame. As a result, it will prevent you from using up space unnecessarily. Moreover, if you buy the bed and mattress separately, measure the dimension of your mattress carefully.

Moveable Castors & Platform Legs:

Another customisable and brilliant feature of the divan bed is the ability to change its legs. You can choose to upgrade from standard bed legs and choose something like platform legs or movable castors. They help move your bed easily and to clean the room thoroughly as well. On the other hand, if you choose platform legs, they will add height and a more luxurious feel to your bedroom.

Removable Headboards:

One of the many benefits of divan beds is their headboards. It is very easy to detach and attach as well. If you are a person who likes to change their décor a lot, there are many options to change the headboards easily, meaning you are not stuck with tedious same headboard.

It Won’t Break the Bank:

Unlike wooden and metal frames, the divan base is sturdy and durable and can be bought at affordable and reasonable prices. All you need is a good mattress that will enhance the overlook of your bed. In a nutshell, a divan bed offers many benefits to help keep your room stylish, tidy and optimised for space.

Discover solutions for every sleeper from the UK’s most trusted bed brand

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