What is a French Bed, and Why Should You Bother Getting One?

what is french bed

What is a French Bed?

Out of everything, French is the most famous for its stylish décor. There are numerous styles of French beds, such as velvet beds with gold-painted details, floral patterned linen or rustic French-style rattan beds with a natural wood touch.

But what exactly is a French bed? Back then, a French bed was the name of luxury, prestige, and comfort. French beds and other furniture forms, as well as general décor, all bear the mark of France and its kings, who significantly influenced the arts and design at the beginning of the Renaissance. Each monarch aimed to set his time apart from the one before it by developing a distinctive style.

However, the meaning has changed, and it now represents a bed with a larger mattress.

What is a Classic French Bed?

Though romantic, a classic French bed features wooden or solid frames embellished with natural ornaments, arches and gentle. The natural floral elements with greenery patterns enhance its aesthetic appeal and add a dash of royal luxury.

Which Style Will Suit You the Best?

A luxurious and elegant French-style bed is best for any private room where you can unwind and relax at the end of the day. Undoubtedly, a bed is the masterpiece of the room; therefore, it is important to choose the right style and frame for you. To fit your bedroom, the French beds are available in double, king, super king, small, single-dimension and emperor sizes.

Upholstered French Beds

An upholstered bed is one of a kind luxurious French-style bed. Whether you like a decadent, contemporary or sumptuous style, an upholstered bed is always available.

  • If you are fond of a contemporary feel, go for a bed with clean lines and a low footboard to give a calm, collected, cool feel. Moreover, if you use linen, upholstery will allow you to add accent/muted colours.
  • If you like a statement style, there is nothing like a soft velvet bed. You may also choose an upholstered silk bed with a gold frame that will turn some heads.
  • If you are fond of a simple or maximalist style, add a mix of patterns.

Emperor French Beds

  • Emperor beds provide a vast area for you to rest and a good night’s sleep while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your room.

Rattan French Beds

  • Rattan Beds are extremely versatile,
  • They add a touch of effortless elegance and bohemian relaxation.
  • It provides a French country style that reflects comfort and warmth with a rustic finish.
  • One can also have a vintage feel with pale grey and antique white Rattan French Beds.

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What Are the Different French Bed Mattress Sizes
What Are the Different French Bed Mattress Sizes1

What Are the Different French Bed Mattress Sizes?

The French bed mattresses range from 140cm to 190 cm and 160 cm to 200 cm.


Width in CMLength in CM
Single French bed90 cm190 cm / 200 cm
Double French bed140 cm190 cm / 200 cm
Large Double / French queen bed160 cm190 cm / 200 cm
King-size French bed (Full bed)180 cm190 cm / 200 cm

The French bed sizes in inches are as follows:



In Inches


In Inches

Single French bed35.4”75” / 79”
Double French bed55”75” / 79”
Large Double / French queen bed63”75” / 79”
King-size French bed (Full bed)70.9”75” / 79

1. Standard French Bed

  • French bed measures about 140cm by 190/200 cm, equal to a British double mattress.
  • It is extremely comfortable, cosy and snuggly for a single person and a couple.
  • It is also ideal for a rental, hotel, or teenage-to-adult room.

2. Small Double French Bed

  • Small double French bed measures 120cm by 190cm mattress.
  • Though unsuitable for couples, this size is ideal for single people.

3. The King-size French Bed

  • If you have ample space in your room and want a large luxurious look, a king-size bed is an ideal choice.
  • This bed, with its glamorous look, makes a perfect sanctuary; with its solid frame and headboard, this unique bed will add a sense of stability to your bedroom.

Though you will choose the bed and mattress size according to your preferences, it can sometimes be out of proportion and overwhelming. Therefore, to prevent this, hire an interior designer; they will help you choose the best bed style as per the décor and interior.

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straight end french bed

Various French Bed Styles to Choose From

Now that the bed and mattress sizes have been discussed, here are some styles to choose from.

Generally, there are two categories regarding French beds – Curved and straight end.

Straight End

  • In the straight end, the footboard resembles a rectangular form.
  • It has one straight piece
  • It gives a little edginess to the overall look of the bed.
  • The legs of the bed are angled towards the head and footboard end, which makes them well-grounded, robust and sturdy.

 Curved End

  • Compared to straight ends, its ends are oval.
  • It covers the edges of the mattress because of the curved shaped footboard.
  • This style is much more expensive but worth the cost.

Antique French-style hand-carved headboard

  • Corbeille end French bed’s legs are inwards, which brings the effect of lightness.

How Much Does a French Bed Cost?

French beds are more expensive than traditional beds because they are the definition of luxury and status, but their prices vary and depend on the choice of make, model and brand.

Even if you can’t afford a new one, you can buy one from a second-hand shop because these beds have been around for quite some time.

Furthermore, after buying it from an antique store, make sure to sanitise it properly to tackle and prevent allergies.

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