How to Keep Your Bed Warm in Winter? – 8 Techniques

warm bed winter
warm bed winter

In the winter season, you might face the problem of a cold bed and struggle to keep it warm. You might also feel shivering and not get comfortable while sleeping due to the cold bed at night. But these problems can be solved if you make your bed warm before going to sleep.

This guide explains why you should keep your bed warm in winter and techniques for doing so. It also provides information on how you can keep yourself warm in bed and the importance of the right mattress to keep your bed warm.

Why Keep Your Bed Warm in Winter?

In the late afternoon, your body heat is at its peak, and it starts dropping in the evening. This drop in body temperature acts as a stimulus for melatonin production and prepares your body for sleep. Too cold a temperature can also impact your sleep quality, and you might feel difficulty in falling asleep. Therefore, it is vital that you sleep on the right mattress and keep your bed’s temperature at an optimum value.

The ideal temperature to keep your bedroom warm in winter is 16 to 18°C for having a comfortable and cosy sleep.

Techniques to Keep Your Bed Warm in Winter

The following are some of the simple strategies and techniques that assist in keeping your bed warm in winter:

Bedroom Heating

You can heat your bedroom at night by closing the doors and turning on the central heating system so that maximum heat remains inside the room. Once the room gets warm enough, you can turn off the central heating system and place a draft excluder to close the gap at the base of the door so that any heat cannot escape. In this way, your bed will automatically get warm.


A duvet with a high tog rating from 13.5 to 15 is ideal for use during winter as it efficiently traps heat inside its multiple layers and keeps your bed warm. A duvet comes with different kinds of fillings, such as microfiber, polyester, hollow fibre, or wool. All of these fillings provide a breathable yet warm and cosy bed for you in winter.

Electric Blankets

You can purchase electric blankets that warm the bed before you lay to sleep and then retain a constant heating temperature throughout the night. You need to turn it on before your sleeping time, setting it at a particular temperature to make your bed warm before you sleep.

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warm bed
warm bed in winter

Flannel Bedding

You should opt for fannel bedding in winter days which provides better insulation as compared to smooth cotton bedding. The fluffy texture of flannel bedsheets helps them retain more air and provides good warmth to your body.

Hot Water Bottle

You can place a hot water bottle before you lay in your bed to get the desired warmth. You should ensure that the cover of the hot water bottle is tightly closed to prevent scalding or leakage from occurring at any time during the night.

Multiple Bedding Layers

You can use multiple bedding or blanket layers on the bed rather than one single layer. It is because more number of layers traps more warm air effectively and can be easily removed if you feel too hot at any time while sleeping.

Warm Air Blowing

You can use a climate control system that works by making the air warm over a ceramic stone in a separate unit and then blowing air between your bedding sheets and over your body. It makes your bed warm quickly and efficiently and comes with temperature settings, allowing you to set a particular temperature.

Warmer Blankets

You should use warmer blankets in winter, such as ones that are made of fleece of crimped fibres with insulating air pockets to provide better warmth to your body. You can also use blankets that are made of wool to keep your bed warm and soft at the same time.

How Can You Stay Warm in Your Bed?

There are some simple things you can do to keep yourself warm in bed. You can wear multiple layers of clothes to keep your body warm and thus feel cosy in your bed. You can take a warm bath or shower before going to bed or wear bed socks and thick pyjamas while sleeping to stay warm while sleeping at night. You can also have a hot drink to reduce the cooling effect on your body and feel cosy and relaxed.

Importance of the Right Mattress to Keep Your Bed Warm

Although mattresses do not create heat, different mattress fillings help regulate the temperature by retaining sufficient warmth. Memory foam is one of the good insulators and offers excellent heat retention as compared to other types of mattresses, such as spring mattresses. In addition, mattresses with smart fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, mohair, and other natural fine fibres, also regulate body temperature and make you feel warm in bed.


A cosy and warm sleeping environment is crucial as it determines the quality of your sleep and is also associated with thermoregulation. Therefore, you should undertake simple techniques and strategies that help to keep your bed and body warm in winter so that you can sleep comfortably.

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